When the morning light comes to our eyes with the first sun beams, it brings to us its own fundamental oscillation, brilliant sound of pure existing. Any part of a day has its own music, and it changes with a sunlight way, composing the harmony of whole day. The real artist is here to translate this harmony into the sound, to write the story with his instrument and to make a synthesis of nature sound and his own feeling, to make a completely new view of music: inside and outside – together. And real artist will catch a cloud move and write it as a sound. Real artist will make a chronicles of some landscape and keep it for someone in a future, to remember the feelings of this landscape in one special moment – moment when artist felt the song of the ground and the sky and transformed it into celestial music. The shape, the color, the move and the sound – are just a four ways of materialization of the same thing – natural, essential, life-giving poetry woven in any living thing and in the any moment of this world-time. Magic electric harp takes us to the awesome journey, deep inside and deeper outside, from the elementary structure of substance ‘till the stars far away. Simultaneously, this music keeps the magical moments, writing the time in music eternity. Raoul gives us a music what breezes with any drop of water, with any snowflake in winter, and his music writes a crystal stories in our hearts, protecting us from all bad things and giving us the sunlight in every our breath.

Predrag Vitezovic – Beograd, 22/05/2016

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