An Unconventional Harp Journey  for Electroharp & Live Electronics & Visual

Soundscapes giving voice to imaginary places. A journey of the mind and heart among experienced relationships and real panoramas, distant lands and everyday views,  longed for places and timeless landscapes. A kaleidoscope of emotions giving life to true soulscapes.  

Harpscapes is the new project created by Raoul Moretti, thorough a deep research of a pure sound of the harp, with the using of a strictly calibrated live electronics by Massimo Colombo.  In the project Moretti works also with Olo Creative Farm, famous young video artists , who give a visual to the soundscapes created by Moretti, for a totally audience involvement.

The project, already played successfully in Italy, Chile and Brasil, and Australia,selected for the WHC 2014(World Harp Congress) in Sydney.

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Harpscapes is also a CD, featuring  many artists like Beppe Dettori (voice), Claudio Milano (voice), Max Brigante (speaking), Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (electric guitar & electroviola), Manuel Rossi Cabizza (accordion), Michele Rovelli (percussions) . It was recorded and mixed by Microproduction Studio and mastered by Marti Jane Robertson. Distribuited by Preludio Label.

Also available on I_Tunes.